Busy, Busy

It has been GO GO GO for weeks now.  I barely have time to relax.  Like now….I can’t write much because I have to finish doing his laundry and cook his lunch for the week.  Ok….Later!


Making Progress…. #20Days

With just under three weeks until our wedding, I am freakishly calm…. I think I got all of my panic put a few weeks ago and I just have no more extra energy left to exert towards anything I cannot change.

That said, I am quite satisfied with the things I have accomplished this week.  I finished up the timeline, but I am still working on the guest program/menu. I got my slip, but I still need a torsolette. I bedazzled my shoes using the earrings from my necklace set and some various rhinestones, but my dress still needs to be altered for length in the front…..but I did complete my look with the purchase of a beautiful bolero!!! I put a wedding favor together, but I’m not sure what to put in it. I received the order of “fall colored” sixlets that I ordered, but I’m not sure what else to put on the candy table.  Hmmmmm…..if I have a candy table, do I even need favor boxes?  I may just need to get some baggies for guests to take the sweets that they want instead. I finished my bouquet  (trimmed the excess stems, reinforced some of the flowers with glue, and “burlaped” the stems). And I just finished looking at TON of paper napkin folding videos on YouTube only to decide on the simplest one I saw. Lol





Words from a Bride-to-Be

We had an excellent holiday season with friends and family and more than anything else, I truly enjoyed the time off.  I did knock out a few items from my to-do list and I want to encourage  brides to not feel discouraged if they aren’t moving on their own time.

There were times that I was so overwhelmed by the stress I inflicted upon myself by not being further along in the planning process as I thought I should be. Stress is not good. Relax. If you didn’t do it then,  so it now.

I just finished my wedding day timeline and our event is 22 days away. Even more scary, I just bought my crinoline slip last night! Lol  I saved so much on the front end by ordering from overseas, that I find myself being “too good” to pay retail markup. Lol My best advice to you is if your wedding day is months away, save money on merchandise and shipping by ordering online. I will be posting a list of all the things I ordered online and the price. You’ll quickly understand. 🙂

In everything you do, remember that this is supposed to be a fun and exciting time and if it’s feeling like anything but….take a step back and get it back on track. Create memories, not headaches.


Reasons for Seasons

We have decided to decorate with ornaments. My mother said the wedding is too close to Christmas to not play on that theme. So, we racked up on ornaments at Hobby Lobby when they had their 80% off sale!  My theme is a “fall in the winter” wedding so we found fall colored ornaments. I think we are doing good! What do you think?

Also, I have fallen in LOVE WITH pinecones.  I found a DIY account on Instagram showing them being used as place cards. See here. I am totally doing this!

Yay! Bridal Sash!

I have been ordering all that I can from overseas to save on markup costs and shipping. It’s no surprise that my bridal sash came from China as well. This purchase I am so very proud of as the item came in far surpassing my expectations. The picture online was beautiful enough, but to see it in person really wowed me. Only $19.90 for this.  The accent is not attached and it comes with an ivory and white ribbon for you to either sew, glue, or iron on to. Check this out!


Fresh out of the box


Prepping it for ironing


Finished product! 🙂 I LOVE it!



As we fastly approach the final stretch and last few days before our wedding,  I start to think about everything that we have left to do before our special day. I’m asking myself just how important those things are.  What can we do without?  Would anyone even notice?  There are still some daily discussions regarding decorations. I really would like to have everything finished by the first full week of January. I don’t want to keep looking for things and changing more things. Sighs….